Past Coaches & Board Members

Not only did he play at the collegiate level, but he was a dominating RB for the Judean Rebels. His quick jukes made defenders knees wobble. After retiring from playing, he resumed his love for football by coaching the Judean Rebels. His endless patience and great leadership helped form several Rebels players into National Team players.

In case you were wondering, he is still very shifty, and should still be playing.

Head Coach

Zachary Miller

Our most offensive coach on the team. Jaymes' offensive schemes puts opposing defenses to shame. Jaymes brought tons of tenacity, energy, and spirit when he played for the Judean Rebels. Now that he has retired, he channels all of his football knowledge with one goal in mind - to destroy all opposing defenses! Watch out!

Offensive Coordinator

Jaymes Kine

There are not enough words to describe this Man of Men. Coach Mike used to play for the Judean Rebels back in the day. After retiring, he took the reins and became the Head Coach of the Warriors, while simultaneously working as the DC of the Rebels.

Coach Mike is the most respected individual on both teams. Without ever uttering a swear word, he corals his players to play at their very best and win games.

Off the field, Coach Mike is the most caring individual in the world. On top of caring for his family and players, Coach Mike and his wife Julie created and run the Non-Profit Organization Bears for Hope in which they deliver teddy bears to children in different hospitals, providing comfort to these children throughout their medical journey. Although they deliver to children with any chronic illness, Bears for Hope is the "only non-profit organization in Israel that focuses primarily on children with heart disease."

Mike Viselli

Head Coach Warriors

Defensive Coordinator Rebels