Warriors Topple Kfirim

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

After the Sharks forfeited, Warriors moved to 9-0 with their victory against the Kfirim.

Although the score may say otherwise, the Warriors did not play with the gusto they normally show. After a 12-0 lead, led by Yaakov Rabinowitz's amazing punt return for a TD, the Warriors seemed to have slowed their pace both on offense and defense. However, they woke up fairly quickly and defeated the Kfirim 50-7.

Joshua Kashnow played exceptionally well this game, having 2 sacks and a massive fumble recovery. Ami Lipner also caught an interception, and Kobi Starr nearly got his pick as well. Defense created 4 sacks with 2 interceptions.

Avi Weinreb was incredible in this game, having 1 rushing TD, 1 passing TD, and 2 receiving TDs. He also caught 1 interception and had 1 tackle.

1 game left in the season. 1 game left for an undefeated season.

Game info and stats can be found here.

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