Warriors crushed Flames 100 - 0!

Source: http://www.israel-football.co.il/ihfl/news/week-5-recap-2019/

The Modi'in Flames hosted today's game, and even though they showed a lot of sparks of good football the last few games, especially on the defensive side, this time there was no way to prove this as the results clearly showed. The defense started the game well with a quick stop and Haim Svardalov's sack on Zvi Greenstone, but after 2 incompletions and 3 penalties, they punted the ball - as well as their last positive gain of the game.

With the offense unable to do anything throughout, the defense kept have their backs against the wall drive after drive, starting with a bad snap that Benyamin Berkowitz took leading to a TD run by Avi Weinreb. A Ben Papagallo sack led to a punt that Joshua Kashnow picked up and gave to Yaakov Rabinowitz for another TD. Asaf Back took advantage of a high snap at the 5-yard line, from which Yoni Ben-Naim ran for a TD. Yahel Cohen succeeded in completing a beautiful pass to Blank, but lost the ball on the next play in which Berkowitz recovered again. Greenstone got into the game with a touchdown pass to Weinreb for 23 yards, and returned to the field after another punt in order to handoff the ball to Ben-Naim for a 3-yard TD at the beginning of the second quarter.

Daniel Blank saved a punt return touchdown by tackling Rabinowitz, but only delayed the inevitable as 2 plays later Ben-Naim scored his third running touchdown. The gap kept growing as Weinreb ran for a TD after a beautiful screen pass from Greenstone to Ben-Naim for 27 yards. The Warriors' defense added another score with Fox's pick-6. Cohen tried finding his favorite target - Blank - downfield, but was picked off once again, this time by Goldman. This led to a running TD by Rabinowitz on a reverse play. Cohen was picked off once again, but he managed to chase down Shaya Danto and strip the ball from him, giving the Flames the ball once again at their own 6-yard line.

Cohen's amazing play did not help as the snap went behind the endzone causing another safety. The visitors added another touchdown with a catch-and-run pass from Greenstone to Ben-Naim that went for 70 yards. The first half ended with the Warriors leading the Flames 72 - 0.

The bad snaps continued during the second half, and again Berkowitz was there to scoop up the ball. Svardalov and Omer Matz were there to topple Greenstone, but on the next play he found an open Aryeh Citronenbaum in the endzone. Berkowitz continued to pose a constant threat in the backfield, this time causing a turnover with Kashnow scoring. The visitors found the endzone twice more during the fourth quarter, starting with Rabinowitz on a pick-6. The last one was a defensive touchdown with, you guessed it, Berkowitz scooping up a fumble for a TD.

The Flames lost the football 10 times, while the Warriors enjoyed 5 defensive and special teams touchdowns and one safety. Greenstone went 8-for-12, 213 yards and 3 touchdowns. Ben-Naim had 29 yards and 3 touchdowns on the ground, but also caught for 97 yards and a touchdown. Cohen only completed 2-for-18 with 4 interceptions, and there was no run game for the Flames. Rabinowitz had 134-total yards and 3 touchdowns (run TD, pick-6, and punt return TD). Berkowitz, Back, and Kashnow each had 4 tackles. With Berkowitz having half a sack, 3 tackles for loss of yards, and causing a fumble and recovering 4 turnovers, he was clearly leading player on the defense.

MVP Players of the Game/Week: Benyamin Berkowitz and Yoni Ben-Naim.

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