Warrior Domination

What an amazing day!

As has been going on for the last few years, the AFI brought coaches from the US to coach skill positions in the morning. They worked with individual skill groups, improving player talent and ability. Players not only learned new skills and techniques, but were also taught how to improve themsevles. In the afternoon, the IHFL held a 1-hand-touch football game for the High School League.

Warriors Game 1

Warriors had a dominant performance, winning all but the final game. The Warriors were so good that it could easily be seen that they are a better team than the Rebels. The Organization is very proud of the Warriors and each player. They are our future, and we look forward to seeing what they will bring home this year (*cough cough*.... the championship... *cough cough*).

In addition, we were able to see Daniel Hook as a ref.

Isn't he so cute?

Read the original article on the IHFL website. I have (lightly) translated it below.

Translation: 12 teams came out to Kraft Sports Complex to compete in the 4th annual League Cup, including the newest team in the league - Rishon Lezion Rockets.

The tournament continued with it's 7-on-7 structure, which examined the players' abilities in the passing game, with each team participating in four games. Two teams stood out the most, the most recent champion Kfar Saba Hawks, and Judean Warriors, both of which kept their records clear of a loss and met in the finals. In a very close and intense game, Kfar Saba won 9-6 over the Judean Warriors, winning for the second straight year in the League Cup.

Other teams (as you will be able to see in the standings below) that demonstrated great aptitude were Netanya Sharks with a 3-1 record. The biggest surprise was Modiin Flames (also with a 3-1 record), who showed significant progress, and could be the surprise of the upcoming season.

Team Name W L PD

Kfar Saba Hawks 5 0 95

Judean Warriors 4 1 76

Modiin Flames 3 1 17

Netanya Sharks 3 1 27

Emek Yizrael Hunters 3 1 21

Ramat HaSharon Thunder 2 2 -19

Jerusalem Kfirim 2 2 -11

Kiryat Ono Wolves 1 3 -36

Haifa Rams 1 3 -53

Be'er Sheva Spartans 0 4 -35

Mazkeret Batya Gorillas 0 4 -45

Rishon Lezion Rockets 0 4 -67


לוחמים are the Warriors

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