Volunteering at Alyn Hospital

Photos Courtesy of Mike Viselli and Alyn Hospital. Permission granted by Alyn Hospital to publish photos to Judean Football Website.

Judean Warriors and Rebels Volunteered at Alyn Hospital

by Mike ViselliIt was an honor and a privilege for the Judean Rebels and the Judean Warriors to visit the kids at Alyn Hospital. Working in conjunction with the organization called Bears For Hope, the Judean Football Organization delivered touchdown after touchdown as we passed out cuddly teddy bears into the arms of these children. All of these kids are in daily rehabilitation or therapies as they are recovering from medical procedures or dealing with chronic disabilities. As we passed by in our orange game jerseys and saw the smiles and heard the giggles of these children, it warmed our hearts to know we could bring some encouragement to them and to their families. Doing events like this also help us draw closer as a team and demonstrate in a practical way how important it is to reach out and care about others. Blessings to Alyn Hospital, the staff, and every person receiving treatment under their care.
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