Rule changes to be tested this year

New rules could change how teams will play the game

There are new rules that will completely change how football will be played in Israel.

Israel Football is trying to become more popular within Israel, as well as gain more recognition throughout the world. In order to increase popularity and fandom, positive changes were made to facilitate our goals.


Unlike in previous years, the adult league (#IFL) will now be playing 11-on-11, which is a completely different ball game than the previous 9-on-9. This brings the IFL even closer to the standards of the NFL (#NFL) in the United States. Switching from a 9-man league to a 11-man league brings several changes to the IFL.

One important change to the league is the size of the playing field. Initially, the IFL was playing on 80-yard fields instead of 100-yard fields. With the new 11-man initiative, the fields will extend to the normal 100-yard fields. With the length and width of the field expanding , this can give teams an opportunity to really stretch the field with their plays. New Kraft Stadium will be a vital playing field, as all the yard-marks are already demarcated.

Non-Israeli Rule

The teams of the IFL voted to raise the number of non-Israeli players to play in one game per team from 5 to 7 players. This should give teams more enthusiasm to recruit non-Israelis to play for them.

9-Game League

The IFL will be moving from having 10 games to 9 games a season. This change was brought about for several reasons:

  1. With less games, there is an expectation of less injuries.

  2. Games will become more competitive if there are less games in a season.

  3. Costs should go down.

  4. Interest in Israeli football may spike with more competitive games.

Playoff Format

In an interesting twist to Football in Israel, the IFL had decided to completely change their playoff structure. So as to amp up the competition, the IFL has ruled that the top 3 teams will have a bye in the first round of playoffs. Teams 4 and 5 will face-off in a Wild Card Round to determine who will play against the 1st place team in the second round of playoffs. Teams placed 2nd and 3rd will compete against each other in the second round of playoffs.

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