Rebels Volunteer at ShiraLeague

Jason Hess, David Schenkler, and Zev Hoffman volunteered at ShiraLeague, a sports summer camp for girls and boys in Jerusalem.

Photos courtesy of David Schenkler, with permission from ShiraLeague.

ShiraLeague is a summer sports camp for boys and girls in Jerusalem. They welcome kids of ranging ages to come learn and play different sports throughout the camp session.

On July 11th, Jason Hess, David Schenkler, and Zev Hoffman of the Judean Rebels went to ShiraLeague to demonstrate to the campers how much fun it is to play football. Along with giving an introductory pep talk regarding tackle football, we guided the kids through different passing drills to teach how simple and yet complex football actually can be on the offensive side of the ball. We had the campers run different passing routes such as the fly, in, post, slant, hook, and others. Campers also learned how to properly throw the football to get a nice spiral on the toss.

Jason and Zev were able to coral the older boy campers into two-hand-touch games. These games became very competitive, and were a great way for Jason to segway into announcing his attempt to create a 7th-8th grade flag football league within Jerusalem and surrounding areas. The kids were excited about the opportunity, and there's hope that such a league can start this year.

The Judean Football organization would like to thank ShiraLeague for this wonderful opportunity! We had an amazing time with the campers, and hope that the kids had just as much fun as we did.

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