Rebels Dominate to Victory

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

What a great win for the Rebels.

Although the game started with a fumble on the kick return, the Rebels offense and defense enforced their wills on the Black Swarm. Defense shut down the Black Swarm's offense, while the Rebels offense ran on all cylinders to ensure scoring drives.

This was a crucial game for the Rebels. In a 9-game season, each win and lose is important to ensuring the team makes it to the playoffs. After a tremendous loss was handed to them on a silver platter by Petach Tikva Troopers the week before, change was needed to be made in order to shore up all of the weak spots on the team. Ari Gold and Jason Hess worked very hard with the Offense and Defense, respectively, to maximize each player's potential to shine. Their hard work paid off, as the Rebels worked as a single unit, beating the Black Swarm 50-6.

Here is some drone coverage of the game.

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