Practice Practice Practice

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Nope. Just a drone watching us play some football.

Welcome to another rendition of watching football from the skies. I will be your host this evening, and I hope you enjoy this well-written, but quite short, article.

Why do we practice?

Is it to hang out with friends? Is it to triumph over others? Do we practice because we are bored?

No. The answer is much more profound. We practice to improve not just ourselves, but those surrounding us as well.

The Judean Football organization finds all of its players to be its family. Everyone on both teams are brothers-in-arm, working together and guiding each other to improve their skills to become champions. Every drill, every scheme, every scrimmage play brings us closer to becoming champions. Each of us may have our own individual goals, but the prize is still the same amongst us all: Champions!

With the cool air whispering through the night, Rebels and Warriors practiced hard to reach the pinnacle of success. With respective seasons quickly approaching, both teams will be putting more emphasis on techniques and schemes, eventually shifting focus towards scrimmages.

Season will begin shortly.

Let's dominate on three...

1... 2... 3...


Some video highlights from our practice this evening:

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