Practice Before Lightning Tournament

Yesterday was a huge day for the Rebels, as they practiced for the last time before the lightning tournament.

Practices before games can be really tricky. On the one hand, practice makes perfect. On the other hand, you can risk serious injury if you are not too careful.

But let's be honest. We are REBELS! Practice to perfection here we come.

Practice yesterday focused on schemes and scrimmages. Offense vs defense. With each practice everyone is quickly improving to become champions.

Since the lightning round will have us playing against 5 teams, 17 minutes each, coaches had the players running to increase endurance. Two points to the tournament: gauge where our opponents are at, and gauge where we currently stand. If we can bring the lightning to the tournament, we'll have succeeded.

Although much focus has been put onto the Rebels as their season is about to start, the Warriors have been putting loads of effort into becoming champions themselves. Besides for teaching techniques and schemes, Coach Hazony has been having the Warriors to constantly run suicides so they can increase their endurance and speed. The Warriors could very well become the fastest and most-endured team in the IHFL.

Here are some amazing video highlights from today's practice.

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