Practice #6 - First Practice @ NEW KRAFT

New Kraft

All Photos Courtesy of Judean Football organization.

What a beauty!

Judean Rebels and Warriors kicked off August with their very first practice at New Kraft Stadium. With such a large field, players were actually able to get an understanding of the magnitude of playing on this field, especially since our home games will be played here.

To start our practice at the new field, Coach Mike had the players running some conditioning drills. It was just as painful as it was fun. These drills tested the players' might to see how much they can endure. These endurance drills showed players how much further they need to go to be ready for games.

Following these conditioning drills, Coach Mike and Coach Hazony split the players into different groups so that each group can learn more about their designated positions. New Kraft Stadium is so large that it was very easy for us to split up into separate groups. Offensive and defensive linemen when with Coach Mike. Cornerbacks, wide receivers, and quarterbacks went with Coach Hazony. Linebackers went with Elijah.

In case you were wondering, Elijah hails from the U.S. and came to Israel on a program called Onward. Although he is going back to the U.S. to finish his studies and play college football, he came out to a few practices to bring some intensity and football knowledge to our teams. We had a lot of fun working with him, and wish him lots of success state-side. We hope he comes back to Israel and will play with us in the future.

Coach Mike worked with offensive and defensive linemen. Coach Mike taught lineman fundamentals to these players, and had them run different setups so they could get a feel of their positions.

Although these drills seem pretty easy, they are in fact not so. Players needed to get into correct stances and learn how to get from stance to after-snap position. It is essential to get into the correct stance as it'll be easier for the player to go straight into action after the snap. In addition, these two position groups undergo the most contact in games. Knowing what to do post snap will ensure our victory on both sides of the ball.

Coach Hazony took the Wide Receivers and Cornerbacks. Cornerbacks worked more on man coverage than zone coverage whereas Wide Receivers worked on running routes. Coach Hazony mostly ran one-on-ones. This was a prime opportunity for both sides to engage in press coverage, and understand the importance of route-running.

Elijah took the linebackers for some running drills. Linebackers have the important job of covering the middle zone and attacking the running back. Linebackers learned how to get into the correct stance and be explosive post-snap. The drills focused on making sure linebackers stayed low, get into close contact, and to always keep their heads up.

It was a really fun practice that everyone enjoyed. There was lots of learning going on, but everyone understood what we are trying to accomplish. It greatly helped to also have practices at New Kraft Stadium.

After tiring us out with individual drills, coaches brought in Sean, who is a personal fitness trainer in Jerusalem. He

runs his own studio there, and together with a friend and Zsolt brought a bunch of his equipment for strength training.

Players lined up for exercises such as squats, dead lifts, lunges, and more. A big shout out to Sean and Zsolt for bringing the equipment out for us!

You can even watch your lovely team manager doing some lunges.

Overall, everyone had fun and a great time. We are all looking forward to the next practice!

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