Practices #3, #4, & #5

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Judean Rebels and Warriors hit it out of the park with more amazing practices!

JuJu - The Official Judean Pet

Judean Teams' Explosive Practice

The Rebels and Warriors gathered again at Old Kraft for 3 more amazing practices.

These were exciting practices for both the Rebels and Warriors as many of the people coming were newcomers.

With so many new faces, both the Rebels and the Warriors should not need to worry about having enough people to play this season. All the veterans better watch out, as all of the newcomers have been showing real promise to be starters this coming year.

As with every practice, players started off their practice with conditioning drills for half an hour. All the zigzagging, jumping, sprinting and more get the players all pumped up for practice. These drills will strengthen the players' endurance for games to come.

After this (not) exhausting warm-up, coaches taught players proper techniques while playing football, such as tackling drills. Learning these techniques properly will assist players to not only be amazing players, but also avoid serious injury.

These last few practices have been extremely important not just for newcomers but for veterans as well. All the drills players are going through are to drill into them proper technique as well as condition them to play throughout the whole game.

The goal of the Judean Rebels and Warriors at this stage are to teach players how to play the game well and safely, as well as condition them to play all four quarters. As can be seen in the videos, football is a very intense sport. Players are getting stronger and better every practice.

Over the next few weeks, strength and endurance training, as well as technique training will be the 3 core features of practices. There will be a heavy focus on these 3 features until players start adorning equipment. Players will need their strength and endurance to keep the pads on the whole time.

Biggest guy to show up the last two practices was Zsolt Fejes from Hungary. He has been in Israel for a while, and has decided to play football with the Rebels. He has been a huge help to the team already, giving a lot of support and helping out with carpools to and from practices. We are really looking forward to unleashing "The Mountain" and Manshuri upon our opponents.

It was great seeing Coach Jaymes Kine back on the field. Coach Jaymes is the Offensive Coordinator for the Rebels. Coach Jaymes has a natural knack for teaching players how to play with great technique. With so many new players coming lately, his presence has been deeply felt. New players are learning football much faster under his guidance.

Probably the most important thing that happened was that JuJu came to practice. He taught all of us valuable lessons in the importance to stay low, be on your toes, and always run towards the ball with all of your might. In case you were wondering, JuJu is our official dog. :)

And if you were wondering, that is Coach Mike on his new motorcycle.

Just kidding, it's Manshuri's ride. However, doesn't Coach Mike look fantastic on a motorcycle?

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