Practice 1 Highlights

So... how did the first practice of Warriors and Rebels go?

Four of our management in attendance (left to right: David Schenkler [CEO], Matti Gorodenchik [Direct Advisor to the CEO], Jason Hess [Defensive Coordinator for the Rebels], Gideon Hazony [Offensive Coordinator for the Warriors])

Practice Summary

The Judean Rebels and Warriors gathered together for the first practice of their respective seasons. After some intense conditioning, the teams were split between different factions of offense and defense to better teach the diverse aspects of the game, and how to play each position at the highest level. More than 20 people showed up to our first practice. As August comes in, more people will be able to attend.

Warmups & Conditioning

To start the lovely evening, coaches Jason and Hazony did a wonderful job of conditioning the players until they could not move anymore.

Suicides, push-ups, crunches, planks, cone drills, you name it - we did it. After conditioning for 30-60 minutes, we stretched to get ready for some football.


After warming up, the players were split into different offensive and defensive factions to run different drills.


Led by Gideon Hazony, the offense learned how to run routes during passing plays.


The defense was split into two. Linebackers and defensive backs went with Jason Hess while defensive linemen worked with Ike Bodner. These defensive drills created a foundation for the players to learn key skills and techniques when playing a dominating defense.

Manshuri has returned!

Manshuri in all his glory

Manshuri has returned to football. After a year plus absence from football, Itzhak Manshuri has returned to the Judean Rebels to destroy any opposing linemen in his way. Manshuri has been in the IFL for a really long time. He was also on the Israeli National Team with Jason Hess when Israel beat Spain. Manshuri is a cornerstone to the Judean Rebel defensive line, and will continue to disrupt anyone standing in his way.

Of course, this has made Sabba Matti very happy.

Look at Matti's goofy smile. חמוד!!!

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