Old and Krafty Practice

Did you get the joke?

Did you?

Whether you did or didn't, this practice marked the important milestone of putting on pads for the first time this season. Both Warriors and Rebels suited up for the first time on their way to respective championships.

Once everyone had their pads on, everyone felt the immense excitement this game brings. You could literally feel the intensity and excitement of each player on the field. Rookies especially were practicing even harder than before. Although Old Kraft does not offer the best field, the rough field gives players the understanding of how important pads are in this sport.

To add onto the excitement was getting drone footage during practice. The beautiful footage provided aerial coverage of the entire field, allowing us to monitor players as individuals and the team as a whole. The drone footage will enable us to see what is working, how we can improve, and who is excelling or not. However, we won't be posting all of our drone footage publicly. We don't want any of our opponents to get any ideas in their heads. ;)

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