New Jerseys for Warriors

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Unfortunately for all, Coach Mike and his family are leaving Israel and moving back to the USA. The Judean Football organization decided to throw Coach Mike a good-bye party, and presented him with a personal gift.

It was a sad day for the Judean Football organization. Coach Mike had informed everyone that he and his family were to leave Israel on September 13th, 2018, meaning that he would no longer be able to coach the Judean Rebels and Warriors. Coach Mike had played on the Kings and Rebels before transitioning into being a coach. Coach Mike was a coach to us all, both on and off the field.

Coach Mike was an integral part of the Judean organization not just on the field, but even more importantly off the field. Coach Mike taught us core values such as having great morals and ethics, not cursing, give 100% with everything you do, and always be a good person. Along with his wife, they created Bears for Hope in which they delivered teddy bears to children to accompany them during their difficult medical journey. His family provided us with the opportunity to participate in their non-profit organization. It was an honor for the Judean organization to have Coach Mike with us. We were very lucky to have such an amazing person coach us to be men of great stature.

In the words of the Judean Football board:

You have been an inspiration to every Player on this team and league. You have shown us what it means to be a champion and taught us the value of hard work. You have given us the opportunity to take part in the great organization Bears For Hope דובונים של תקווה that you and your wife started. We got to learn the value of putting a smile on a sick child’s face, or telling the parent of a sick child that things will be okay. You preached respect for your fellow teammates as well as your opponent. We have all been lucky to call you coach and too many of us you have been a friend or a listening shoulder. We will miss having you on the sidelines but will always remember what you have done for this organization.

To honor Coach Mike and his wonderful family, we presented to him the new Warriors jerseys. These jerseys will be reversible colored orange and black. Most importantly, these jerseys will bear the Bears for Hope patch (designed by Layla Blenden) in honor of Coach Mike and Julie's organization Bears for Hope. The Warriors will proudly wear these jerseys to honor their head coach, and to remember all of the life lessons preached by Coach Mike Viselli.

Before leaving us, Coach Mike had left us with one final word that can be found in the video below. His words are very inspiring and masterfully beautiful. I strongly advise for everyone to listen to the wise words of Coach Mike Viselli.

We would like to thank Coach Mike for everything he has done, and we wish him and his family all the best on their next adventure. He has forever left his mark on this organization. 

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