Motherforking Shirtballs!

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Yes... it is a quote from The Good Place, but it perfectly describes the intense practice we had today! Also, it goes with Coach Mike's rule to never curse. Big shout-out to Coaches Mike and Zack for coming out today! They, along with coaches Hazony and Jason brought the intensity like you wouldn't believe.

Tonight's practice had one theme: run.

Run for your life.

Run for your team.

Run until you win the championship. Then run some more to celebrate.

After warmups, coaches had the team running sprints for half an hour. The goal is to have players be able to outrun and out-endure their opponents. After running til the sun don't shine, players were split for positional drills. Running backs went with Coach

Zack. Offensive and defensive linemen went with Coach Mike. Linebackers and defensive backs went with Jason. Quarterbacks and wide receivers went with Hazony.

Besides for running and running and, again, running, the purpose of today's practice was all about technique. Coaches drilled into their players the importance of technique, and how to do the techniques correctly. It's just like martial arts, practice the techniques slowly until you get the hang of it, then go full speed. We combined these technical drills with running scenarios offense vs defense to show the importance of technique. Players continuously got better after each rep. Hopefully we'll perfect technique before starting to don pads.

Did I mention that we ran? Well, we started running again. 410 yards of sprinting!

And, because we love to play football, we like getting physical. So we did some sumo drills. You can see all of the videos below. Pay attention to Shalom vs Manshuri video: definitely the number one video on here. To learn great technique for this drill - watch the Avi vs Akiva video.

To end practice before stretching, Warriors and Rebels split up for two-hand football. Since Rebels had 22 players that came out, we played an actual 11-on-11 game. This was probably the height of practice.

Great job to everyone who came out! We got a lot of new faces that officially joined the team! See y'all next week!

Aharon vs Baruch p1

Aharon vs Baruch p2

Avi vs Akiva

Akiva vs Moshe

Baruch vs Yossi

Coach Zack vs Manshuri

Hammer vs Moshe

Sean vs Sari

Jason vs Avi

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