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Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Partially translated from the original Hebrew source on the IHFL website.

(תמונות: סטודיו פרג' – סיון פרג'.)

The 2017-2018 season of the Kraft Youth League (IHFL) is behind us, and, like every other season, we have experienced wonderful performances by players in various positions and the excellence of several players throughout the season.

The prizes were given out by Steve Leibovitz - Chairman of the Association, Uriah Loberman - Board Member of the Management Committee of the Association, and Betzalel Friedman - Commissioner of the Tackle League.


MVP Award - Yehonatan David (יהונתן דוד) - Return Specialist/Safety/Kicker - Emek Yizrael Hunters

Yehonatan broke the rushing record in the league (both in a game and in a season), also contributed to the other side of the ball with many interceptions and tackles, and served most of the season as the team kicker. David led his team, in only its second season in the league, to the championship game.

Offensive Player of the Year Award - Gilad Adler (גלעד אדלר) - Quarterback - Kfar Saba Hawks

Gilad's father accepted the prize on his behalf

Adler had a great season during which he broke record-highs (most of which belonged to his older brother) for yards, completions, and touchdowns. Of course, he completed this award with winning the league championship.

Defensive Player of the Year Award - Ilon Benuri (אילון בנאורי) - Defensive End - Emek Yizrael Hunters

Benuri won this award for the second year in a row; all the while, he broke the sack record in a season, led the league in tackles for loss, and was second in tackling on his team, leading the way to an excellent season that brought his team all the way to the championship game.

Special Teams Player of the Year Award - Ido Friedman (עידו פרידמן) - Return Specialist - Haifa Rams

Friedman was the ultimate weapon for this team this season, and won several games for them with the return game. He finished the season with 4 return touchdowns, and led the league in kick and punt return yards.

Rookie of the Year Award - Khaled Zevadi Mizrachi (קלד זבדי מזרחי) - Linebacker - Be'er Sheva Spartans

The new team from Be'er Sheva showed constant improvement throughout the season, especially on the defensive side of the ball; first and foremost they utilized Khaled, who led his team in tackles, showing great promise for his team.

Coaches Team Award - Kfar Saba Hawks

As with every season, it is hard not to be impressed by the ability of the team of coaches to build an excellent framework of players, who year after year manages to eliminate the competition and win in crucial moments. Itai Ashkenazi and Nir Provizor have been successful for seven years to do something that only one team has done before them, to take their players all the way to the trophy, and for that they deserve recognition.

The Rising Stars - All-Pro Team


See you next season!

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