Connect 4! Warriors beat Hammers!

What an amazing game! Absolutely spectacular game! The Warrior fought their all, beating the undefeated Hammers to go 4-0 on the season thus far.

Here's the IHFL's take on the game.


What can we tell and what can we say about the game for first place that was not decided until the last 18 seconds? The players fought and gave their all, we saw this especially on the defensive side of the ball as the two teams gave an immense defensive effort while the attacks had been somewhat difficult. Ramat HaSharon opened with the ball, and the Warriors showed their defensive playbook for the game, with pressure on QB Gilad Adler and covering well his receivers Slonim and Guttman. A quick stop and after the fourth down play Warriors got the ball.

The Warriors' offense started aggressively, but it did not go very far once they put the ball in the hands of Greenstone as he was unable to complete any passes for a first down. They also could not convert on fourth down with a run by Weinreb. The defense continued with a three-and-out, and here the Warriors' offense went on an excellent 11-play drive that ended badly for them. The home team went back to the ground game, and Yoni Ben-Naim got important yards along with two significant fouls (the second on a 4th-and-20), putting the ball on their opponents 1-yard line with a first down. But after two plays, Greenstone made his first mistake threw an interception to Sagi Guttman - saving his team from any trouble at the beginning of the second quarter.

Runs by Adler and Ohayon gave some breath of air for the Thunder, but Joshua Kashnow and Yair Kasovitz got to Adler on two consecutive plays on sacks that lost the Thunder many yards. A facemask call advanced Farkas' team, and on first down Greenstone left the pcked and found Shragie Peretz in the back of the endzone for the first touchdown of the game. Adler continued to struggle in the passing game and the ball was diverted several times on the line. On fourth down he tried to improvise to get the first down, but was tackled fairly quickly. Greenstone returned the ball very quickly to his opponents when a ball in the direction of Rabinowitz was intercepted by Gabi Avraham.

The Warriors' defense again did an excellent job with a sack by Asaf Back, and constantly applied pressure without stopping as no pass was able to find a receiver, causing the Thunder to punt again, giving the Warriors' offense another chance to put up points. A 19-yard pass to Peretz and, with 17 seconds left on the clock, a completion to Avi Weinreb led to points they hoped for, giving the Warriors a 14-0 lead at the half. The second half was primarily dominated by the defense of the thunder, tackling in the open field and forcing critical stops. Daniel Greenburg got to Greenstone on first down with a sack, but Berkowitz returned the favor with a sack of his own on Adler.

Consecutive penalties brought the Warriors to a 3rd-and-26, but a beautiful screen pass to Ben-Naim gave them a first down, and somehow with all the momentum Greenstone threw his third interception in the hands of Guttman, giving new life to the visitors. Ramat HaSharon understood that they needed to get the run game going, so they gave the ball to Aviad Ohayon. With 3 consecutive runs for 41 yards, the ball made it to the 5-yard line, and from there (at the beginning of the third quarter) 3 consecutive runs by Adler brought the Thunder into the endzone. There was a feeling of comeback in the air. Ben-Naim received many carries but was unable to get a first down, and the Thunder had the ball once again.

The offense was stopped once again, but were saved by their defense who picked up their fourth interception provided by Yahel Slonim. the run game brought the game back to an equal playing field - Ohayon with 7- and 9-yard runs alongside two runs by Adler that resulted in a TD via QB sneak with 1:43 left to go. Will we be going into overtime? Not if it is up to Greenstone and his cohort. A completion to Weinreb for 21 yards, and after a penalty a completion to Rabinowitz for 16 additional yards. The momentum of the drive was stopped with a sack by Niv Appelbaum, but a 10-yard pass to Rabinowitz brought the Warriors to a 4th-and-1 yard. Greenstone tried to go for a deep pass with very little time left on the clock, but instead threw a short pass for the first down to Ben-Naim who did the rest of the work and managed to break three tackles and did not stop until he got into the endzone for the touchdown with 18 seconds left of the game! The Thunder received another opportunity but could not do anything, and the Warriors left with a massive victory.

Rabinowitz finished the game with 8 tackles and 2 pass-deflections, as Kashnow finished with a similar number of tackles and a sack. Both of them led an excellent defense throughout the game. Greenstone finished 19-for-31, 235 yards, and 3 touchdowns, but threw 4 interceptions that kept Ramat HaSharon in the game. Ben-Naim finished with 47 rushing yards alongside 51 yards receiving including a receiving TD. Weinreb had 7 catches for 103 yards and a touchdown. Adler, the best QB in the league last season, could not do much against the Warriors' defense, finishing 1-for-11 for 12 yards (which occurred on the last play of the game), but also finished with 2 touchdowns on the ground. The only spark on the offense was Aviad Ohayon who ran for 93 yards on 15 carries. Avraham and Guttman finished with 8 and 7 tackles, respectively, with the former catching 1 interception and the latter catching two.

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