With only 21 people showing up to practice, Coach Mike and Coach Jason had decided to run practice a little differently.

This was probably the most intense practice of the season thus far. Not many people showed up to practice, but the intensity of this practice was felt by all. Since so few people showed to practice, Coaches Mike and Jason decided that it was time to make a change in the way practices are run.

As always, practice started with conditioning warmups. After Coach Mike's regular warmups, Coach Jason had everyone line up on the 0 yard line. Upon his whistle, everyone ran 100 yards. This was done 8 times. With a 5-yard false start, all the players ran 805 yards without stopping. The coaches goal - to get players to be ready to play full games without panting.

After the torturous running and conditioning, the coaches split the players into offense and defense to learn their new schemes. As both Warriors and Rebels will be playing 11-on-11, it is very easy for both to practice together. With this practice, the Rebels and Warriors took their first steps in winning their respective championships.

Do not be surprised if at next practice every player needs to run 1000 yards.

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