Heads of Organization

As a former Rebel, Brill was a hard-hitting, no-stopping type of player, which is how he continues to manage this team. He cares a lot about player safety, and will rip into anyone who messes with his team. 


Yeshaiya Brill


Team Mama


The only person on the team every single player and coach respects and loves, Mama Deana runs this team with lots of TLC. She comes to every game prepared with essential player needs such as food and hand sanitizer. Most importantly, her home is always open to anyone in need of a delicious meal.

Team Mama

Deana Kovalski

Retired Player. Previous CEO. Matti expertly improved the organization's productivity and inner-activities while he was the CEO. Matti has stepped down from CEO into more of an advisory role so he can spend quality time with his new bride.

Advisor to the CEO

Matti Gorodenchik


Jason Hess, 26 years old. A few months away from receiving his first degree in legal studies. Jason has been playing football since 2010 when he was just 18-years-old. Following his army service in which he learned critical leadership skills, he found himself as one of the team captains since his return in 2013 to the team. Jason played and started for the Israel National Team in 2015, which had a triumphant defeat in its first European tournament ever over the Spanish National Team. Looking to the present, after winning 3 state championships and winning at the national team level, Jason is excited for the next chapter of his story which is to win a championship as the Judean Rebels Defensive Coordinator. With all the experience and knowledge accumulated through his previous coaches - Evan Levine, Shlomo Barya Nadiv Schechter, Lewis Duker and Mike Viselli, he is ready to take on this role and torment any offense that steps in his defense's way.

Head Coach

Defensive Coordinator

Jason Hess


ari gold.JPG

Don't let him fool you! Former Rebel Ari Gold was a spectacular RB when he played. He uses his past experiences and sports acumen and knowledge to command the Rebels to victory.

Offensive Coordinator

Ari Gold

David took over for Matti in mid-2018. He has lots of experience running an organization, and will continue to improve the teams' management on their way to multiple championships. Although he has many goals for this team, he is currently focused on his main objective:

Make Judean Football Great Again!


David Schenkler

Do not let her sweet personality fool you. Michal may be the teams' healer, but that doesn't mean she won't do everything in her power to make you cry in pain and agony whilst healing you! Many a player has cried and screamed from her mysterious healing prowess.

Oh... she also loves jump-roping.

Team Healer

Michal Belhassen

Jaymes brought tons of tenacity, energy, and spirit when he played for the Judean Rebels. Now that he has retired, he channels all of his football knowledge with one goal in mind - to destroy all opposing teams! Watch out!

Board Member

Jaymes Kine


avrami farkas.JPG

Fresh to coaching, Avrami Farkas came in as the Offensive Coordinator in the 2018-19 season. A former Raven and Rebel, he has played as one of the top QBs in Israeli Football. He is taking all of his experience to bring the Warriors to the top!

Head Coach

Offensive Coordinator

Avrami Farkas

Previous MVP of the IHFL, Hazony played for the Rebels for one season before injury forced him to retire to coaching. Although Hazony may be the youngest coach in the AFI, he is definitely the smartest. Hazony's mind is solely geared towards football. His offensive schemes brought the Warriors so close to the championship game in 2018.  This year, he's going all the way with his defensive schemes!

Defensive Coordinator

Gideon Hazony


Assistant Coach

Netanel Barasch

Mr. Logistics. Barasch has been a life-saver for the Warriors, bringing them from unorganized to undefeated. His skills and talents have been the glue to the team's continued success.